Constitution & Rules of Central Sevens Golf League
– updated November 2022 following decisions reached at the AGM

1. League Name
The League shall be known as "Central Sevens Golf League”

2. Objectives of the Central Sevens League
The primary aim of fostering keen competition between golf clubs in the largely BB&O area by creating a inter club league for their handicap players to compete in singles match play in seven player teams.

3. The Central Sevens League
The Central Sevens League is formed by the member clubs and operated by its nominated committee as a golf interclub league.

4. Organisation of the League
A committee shall be elected to operate the league consisting of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and one elected representative from the league clubs. The standing representative shall be a current Team Captain, or any other person nominated by the respective club in the absence of the Captain.

5. Election of Officers
1. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer nominated positions shall be elected at the AGM and normally serve a three year term but can be re-elected to serve for a further term. The Chairman and committee will put forward nominations for the post of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer for ratification at the AGM. The Chairman and Secretary would normally be an experienced past team Captain or player and who has a good understanding of the league. A committee member may hold two nominated positions but not three.

2. The Elected Representative to serve for one year but can be re-elected each year.

3. Nominations for the elected representatives shall be balloted by the team Captains or Club representative at the AGM in the event that more applications than vacancies are received.

4. Nominations are to be forwarded to the Secretary with name of no later than 1 week prior to the AGM.

5. In the event of a tie the Chairman has the casting vote.

6. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
AGM will be held each year normally in November at an appropriate venue. Notice will be forwarded to every paid-up club of the League at least 14 days beforehand. The Chairman shall chair the meeting or in his absence a nominated committee member will act as Chairman for the AGM or EGM. In the event of any ballot or vote being tied, the Chairman or stand-in chairman shall have the casting vote.

Two representatives of each team may attend and if a decision is needed on any matter then each team shall have one vote. Rules of the league can be changed by the Committee or at the AGM or EGM by simple majority, in the event of a tie the Chairman or stand-in chairman of the meeting has the casting vote.

7. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
An "EGM" can be called anytime by either a majority of the Committee, or by a minimum of 30% of the total paid up clubs. Written notice must be given to every paid-up club of the League of the intention to hold an EGM at least 21 days prior to the proposed date by those calling the meeting. The venue of the meeting will be advised at the time of the calling. An "EGM" has the same standing as an "AGM".

8. Annual Presentation
Each year there will be an annual presentation at a venue and date arranged by the league committee. The numbers to attend to be governed by available facilities and in addition to Team Captains and Divisional Order of Merit winners additional team members may be invited. The Trophies and team & individual prizes will be presented at the Annual Presentation.

9. Other Events
Knockout Cup: better ball format match play of 3 teams, the draw will be made by the committee usually at the Annual Presentation event. (see section 21 for more details).

10. League Funds
The League funds will be deposited in the Central Sevens League bank account. All outgoings and expenses should be sanctioned by the Committee. The Treasurer, Secretary and or the Chairman may disburse funds on the Leagues behalf prior to sanction, if they consider it urgently necessary. Two signatures will be required for all outgoings, this will be made up of the Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman.

11. Online Banking
1. The League prefers that Clubs make their annual entry fee payments via bank transfer into the League's Bank Account - sort code 40-35-34, Account Number 72256010.

2. The Treasurer will be the Primary User and will be able to make payments solely. All on-line payments must have supporting documentation that will be signed for approval to pay by either the Chairman or Secretary to ensure the two signature discipline is maintained.

3. In the event of the Treasurer being unavailable for a period of time then the Treasurer can delegate access to the on-line account, this should be approved in writing by the Chairman and the Secretary.

12. Financial Reporting
The Treasurer will keep up to date accounts throughout the year in order to assist the Committees financial planning. Prior to an AGM, the Treasurer will also publish and distribute to the clubs detailed annual accounts showing all income and expenditure throughout the year and be able to offer comment and answer any questions raised by member clubs concerning the financial affairs of the League.

13. Committee Meetings
A Committee meeting will be held generally three times a year to discuss the Leagues business and the next year's league fixtures and formats. The Chairman (in his absence the Secretary) will act as chairman for committee meetings In the event of any ballot or vote being tied, the Chairman shall have the casting vote. A quorum for voting purposes is no less than 3 committee members in attendance.

14. League Members \Clubs
1. All member Clubs, as a condition of membership of the League shall agree and comply with the constitution, rules and traditions of the league insofar as they do not infringe on their own club rules.

2. Pay annual membership fees by the date set by the committee but in any event no later than 14 days prior to the first meeting of the year. The Committee shall set the fee at the AGM each year.

3. Late fees; any fees not paid in accordance with (ii) above the club maybe suspended or removed from the current year's competition until fees are paid at the committee’s discretion.

4. Provide the name and full contact details and any update of the club members' official contact to the League Secretary i.e. Club Manager or Secretary and Team Captain.

5. Team Captains are representatives of a Club therefore ensure they are informed of your expectations and the league rules.

6. When and if applicable keep the League website updated with fixture results and contact details.

7. Match dates; provide and cooperate on a timely basis the dates for fixtures, these are normally required in December for following year. Clubs to make their best efforts to schedule league matches on Saturdays between March and October. Knockout matches can be played at a time agreed by participating teams.

8. The League Team Captains should populate the Central Sevens web site with their scheduled fixtures by the 31st January and the team / club shall notify the Secretary of agreement of fixtures and of any change request at the soonest, but in any event by 31st January - then fixtures will stand for the season. A club or team should make every effort to avoid changes to the initially agreed fixture dates with changes being made only if absolutely necessary if for a justifiable reason and that
the Secretary receives notification of all requested changes.

Dates to be avoided (if possible) are a minimum of 2 weeks outside planned material course greens maintenance work. The Committee expect Home Team Captains to communicate to their opposing Team Captain should a match be scheduled to occur within the 2-week window..

10. Fixtures of host club dates, once agreed as prescribed in (vii) cannot be cancelled with less than 3 weeks' notice is given to the Secretary other than for reasons listed under rule 24 Postponement of a fixture.

11. For match dates at host venues ensure the visiting teams are greeted by a formal starter which is normally the host club team captain and this should include monitoring league players' speed of play.

12. The tee reservation should include a courtesy of 10 minutes prior to commencement of play. Start Tee time preferred is 1pm but can be set in agreement with the teams involved.

13. Team Shirts are encouraged to be worn by players at all matches.

14. All Clubs are responsible for the safe keeping of any Trophies that they win and retain for the year. In event of a Trophy being damage or stolen it is the responsibility of that Club to repair or replace the Trophy or reimburse the Committee for any costs incurred in replacing the Trophy. Failure to do so will result in the Club being excluded from the League and Knockout Cup.

15. All clubs are expected to provide 7 tee times for the matches to take place.

15. Club Exit from the league
1. In the event a Club no longer wishes to continue membership of the League the club must give formal notice in writing to the league Secretary outlining reasons for exit. Exit can only be allowed by giving formal notice in writing by a club at the end of a season after the last game has been played or no later than 14 days after the AGM.

2. Clubs that membership has ceased if they wish to re-join shall to go through the Application procedure as outline in clause 16 below.

3. Entry fees will not be refunded if clubs leave the league after 31st January.

16. Membership Application
1. Clubs wishing to join the league should apply to the league Secretary in writing stating their reasons for joining. The application will contain an agreement to abide by the Leagues enclosed "Constitution and Rules" the current fees and be signed by an official of the club, Secretary, Captain or Director.

2. Any Club applying to join will be discussed at the AGM and to be accepted will require a 75% majority vote.

3. The criteria for accepting a new club member to the league;

a) the format can accommodate another club or have a vacancy expected within a year.

b) The club is situated within a reasonable travelling distance of other league member clubs.

4. All new clubs joining will be at commencement from the next season and they will be allocated to the lowest division.

5. The Committees decision is final.

17. Team Captains Responsibilities

1. It is the Team Captains responsibility to ensure a team is available to attend every match with a full complement of players and ready to play at the appointed club and time. Refer to rules clause 22 for late on the tee and no shows.

2. Captains or starter to exchange completed team sheet in order of play 15 minutes before the first tee time.

3. The winning Captain is responsible for entering the match results on the league website no later than 9pm the next day. Failure to enter scores on more than one occasion and or incomplete information may result in points being deducted at the discretion of the committee.

4. To ensure all players are aware of the rules of the league and expected conduct, dress code and that no mobile phones are to be used on the golf course.

5. To update the website with changes of contact information mobile number and email address and notify the Secretary in order changes can be circulated.

6. To notify host club Captain immediately if any player is going to be late or less than the prescribed number of players.

7. To ensure that players conduct is in the spirit of league and to encourage his team players to have a drink after play, this is considered common etiquette to club and opposition.

18. Team Captain Hosting Fixture
1. Visiting team captains to hand in completed team sheet in order of play, 15 minutes before their allocated tee time.

2. Ensure teams are started in the correct order of play and on time.

3. To advise all players of local rules on the day.

4. To be available during the duration of play to ensure speed of play and make any necessary rulings or disputes that are not resolved between team captains. Any dispute should be dealt with in conjunction with the league rules or rules of golf as laid down by the R & A.

5. After play has commenced, both team captains must agree to suspended or abandon play owing to adverse weather conditions.

19. Players

1. To participate in League matches a player must be an amateur male playing member or employee of the club. A player may not represent more than one Club during any League season. (exceptions under rule 19.2 &19.3).

2. In the event of one club having more than one team in the League; once a player has played 1 league games for one team in one season, they are no longer eligible for the 2nd team in the league or KO for the remainder of the season. For Knockout Matchplay any player representing either team in the KO for their club, are ineligible to play for the other KO team in the same season.

3. When a player fully resigns his membership and joins another league club he may play for the new club in the same season.

4. Conduct of players: must conduct themselves at league matches in a manner not likely to bring the good name of the league into disrepute. Bad and loud language, unsuitable dress, inconsiderate parking, non-compliance of the rules of the golf club, use of mobile phones etc. The Committee are empowered to expel or temporarily suspend any player from future games.

5. If a team fields an ineligible player, then the match must be conceded and the opposition awarded the 3 points, with an additional 3 points deducted as a penalty in the current season. Should it happen again in the current season or the next season then it will result in immediate disqualification and relegation with all matches voided.

20. League format and rules of play

1. Teams of seven playing singles match play. Two members of the team may have a handicap index of up to and including 5.4 with the remaining members having a handicap index of 5.5 up to and including 18.4.

2. Players may be selected with a handicap index of 18.5 or higher but will only be allowed the playing handicap of a handicap index of 18.4.

3. Playing pairs will be matched by their exact handicap index with the lowest pairing teeing off first.

21. Knockout Cup rules

1. Teams of 6 players playing 3 x 4 ball better ball matches - 90% difference handicap of the lowest handicap player.

2. In the case of a draw the drawing match will play extra holes until a result is decided.

3. If all matches are drawn only the final match will play to a result.

4. All matches to be decided by the dates set by the committee. Failure
to arrange a match may result in disqualification.

5. Existing central sevens rules apply.

6. Games can be played on any day agreed between the two teams.

7. First Name team has home advantage (unless they wish to give it up).

8. Both clubs are responsible for contacting each other to arrange the match. Contact information is available from the committee. Failure to arrange a match may result in disqualification.

9. Please keep track of when potential future opponents are playing and make contact with your opponents in the next round as soon as possible.

10. We encourage all clubs to make early contact as although there is a good amount of time to play matches early agreement of dates helps to minimise any later disputes arising.

11. Please confirm date of match when agreed to the league secretary so that the website can be updated. It is the responsibility of the winning team representative to enter the results into the website, by 6:00pm on the Monday following the match being played. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

12. Semi Finals will be held at a Neutral venue which will be the first named team drawn for the other semi-final match. The final will be hosted by last year's winners.

13. There is no requirement to provide food, before or after the match, and it is up to the home club to make that decision and advise the visitors in advance of the match.

Approved by

November 2022